Once upon a time

I first met The Bagman on Christmas Eve several years ago. I wrote his story in a rush, using pencil and paper and only the Christmas-tree's lights to see by. Later, I re-wrote it in more detail, and Abigail, the heroine of the piece, introduced herself.

But the story isn't finished yet and the end is in sight. And so, it is with great pleasure that today - Halloween 2016 - I invite you to walk once again in The Bagman's world. Alyssa Crowford, the illustrator, and I have been working hard to bring Abigail and The Bagman back, with all new character illustrations and cover. As an added bonus, the book is also being edited by David Gatewood, who has many prestigious titles to his name, such as Hugh Howey's Wool.

The Bagman will be re-released next year in a Kickstarter campaign, with Kickstarters for the Physician and the long-awaited final book - The Gravedigger - soon to follow.

And this is why we need you.

If you are a long-time reader or if you're new to the series, we need your help to bring Abigail's story to a close. This book wouldn't have gone anywhere without people like you reading it and without people like you spreading the word.

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And, to all of you who have stayed with Abigail through her adventures or who have just discovered her, Happy Halloween.