It's a new year. The year always goes so quickly and then at the end we're always so surprised. We say to each other in shocked voices, "Didn't the year go by quickly?" And the next year begins and it goes even quicker, but we're still surprised by it. I mean, it's February. Already.

Surprises are a good thing, I think. 

Here are some things which have surprised me of late:

- The Podcast 'Welcome to Nightvale'. At first, I was sure I disliked this podcast. Then by about the fourth episode I realised I actually didn't, which was surprising because usually I believe in first impressions. If you see something, say nothing.

- A Series of Unfortunate events. I watched the entire series in a couple of days. I was surprised how much I had forgotten from the books. My memory is not as good as I thought it was. The series, however, while unfortunate, was visually very beautiful and Count Olaf looked better as a secretary.

- The Throne of Glass Series. I swear, when I was a teenager I wrote the beginnings of a book with the exact same plot. Great minds. They are unabashedly my favourite books at the moment to the extent that I bought the colouring book. Colouring is kind of a 'thing' at the moment, and now I see why. It makes you feel like an artist without actually having to draw anything. I was also elated (a notch higher than surprised) to discover they are also doing a television series. This is excellent news.

~ Rachael M.