Review: Doctor Who - Time Trips

I found this book in a second-hand book shop in amongst a lot of other Doctor Who literature. I chose it because a) it was in excellent condition and b) because it had a short story by Joanne Harris inside. 

I like Joanne Harris. If you know of her, you'll know she wrote Chocolat, the book upon which the movie of the same name is based. Her story, and all of the others inside, are unique, fun and rollicking takes on the Doctor Who franchise. There are lots of callbacks to the show, in the form of Fez's, bow-ties and Allons-y. 

The blurb reads, 'Time Trips is a unique collection of Doctor Who adventures from some of the most respected writers in the Universe - short stories that are bigger on the inside...' And then when you take of the dust jacket, it opens up into a big A3 piece of paper with descriptions of all the stories on it. Very witty.

A few stood out for me. Tracy Canavan's short story 'Salt of the Earth' takes the third Doctor and Jo to the Australian Outback in amongst the salt lakes, where unnervingly realistic statues of salt can be found...

'The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller' by Joanne Harris again takes the third doctor to a town were everything is how a child would imagine perfection. There are toys everywhere, a parade every day and all the villagers have their assigned role: there is a Queen, a Grocer, a Baker and a Postman and you must never talk about death...

'Keeping Up With the Joneses' by Nick Harkaway was another of my favourites. The TARDIS is struck by a temporal mine which results in the village of Jonestown sudden appearing inside her, complete with villagers. 

Over all, I would certainly recommend this book. It's a great deal of fun!